Normally I would care and ask who are you, but…who am I kidding? No I wouldn’t.


Someone is a sassafrass. 



Canada in a nutshell.


At least someone agrees lol 


I suppose that’s one way to describe Canada..


It’s the only way


Maple Leaves and Shit? Well that’s a messy combo.


I mean, when you run out of TP, Maple leaves are the next best thing. 


Oh fuck you. 


Good to see you to Miles. 


I don’t me the friends we were in high school. Not friends that touch.
Fine, I will let you be a grown up, because it wont last for long. I just know it.

I touch all my friends. I  touched Brayden on the shoulder once. 

I am an adult! yes!

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For now? If you think you have some big plan to sweep me off my feet then you can forget it, Ry. I am not falling for you again. We are going to be friends.

But it still entered your mind, so does it really count.

I can deal with friends. 

Noo shhhh. Let me be a grown up. 


Ry….don’t, okay.

Look at you, you might actually be grown! fighting back penis jokes, I am so proud.

I’ll stop for now. 

See! I told you! 



Don’t… don’t say that Ryan.. It took a while to get over you, please don’t say things like that.

Something tells me the only thing that has grown on you is that beard.

I would be 100% lying if I said I was over you. 

… I’m going to hold in the jokes I have in my mind and save them for later.

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