I would prefer if you just stayed away from me.

Well since you aren’t going to get that I might as well explain myself.

Text Ry Ry..
  • Pay: I love him to hell and back.
  • Ry: ew gross.


You’re alive! Oh, my god, I thought I’d never see you again!imageOh, wait. I actually don’t know you.

Hellooooooooo Person I don’t know.

I’m Ryan


How unfortunate.

Should I explain myself or just wait for the yelling to be done?

So… I’m not dead..

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Text Ry Ry..
  • Pay: Pretty fuckin swaggin.
  • Pay: Got my own apartment. My parents and I are getting along great, and in two days Brayden I will be together for 4 and half years.
  • Ry: Wow, you go pay!! Holy shit you and Brayden having been together for a long damn time.
Text Ry Ry..
  • Pay: so how is my fav big brother doing?
  • Ry: I'm living, how are you Pay?
Text Ry Ry..
  • Pay: You could have texted me.
  • Ry: I didn't have much time honestly.
Text Ry Ry..
  • Pay: Well, you haven't spoken to me in weeks. I care about my brother and don't want to find out he is dead.
  • Ry: I haven't spoken to like anyone in weeks. I'm totally fine though.